Capture audiences & express yourself

Our communication basics provide you with specialist writing services that meet your needs.

  • Web site content, social media posting, newsletters and much, much more
    Nic provides fast, efficient and appropriate written content for all your communication channels. From annual reports to ‘messages from the CEO’, fresh, meaningful content is our specialty.
  • Speeches, media and report writing 
    Express your vision, ideas and passions in words that resonate with your audience and capture attention.
  • On-point messaging that leads the conversation
    State your ideas in ways that are heard clearly and advance your core messages.
  • Media training: 1:1 and small groups
    Need to brush up your skills or gain confidence before stepping in front of the microphones and cameras? Nic’s media training is custom-fit to your skill level and needs.

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Increase your influence

The how is just as vital as the what when it comes to influencing decision-makers and public opinion. Because until people can hear you, until you influence the conversation, until your convincing argument is actively listened to, change will remain out of reach.

Powerful narratives that raise your issues above the usual conversation are the ones that get noticed and bring change to systems, attitudes and behaviours.

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Bring your strategic plan to life

It takes a lot of work and thinking to put together a strategic plan. But too often these plans end up gathering dust on a shelf, sitting apart from daily activities in your workplace.

A communication perspective can knock the dust off that plan and bring it to life by linking its Mission, Vision and Values with the what, how and why of the work your team does every day.

Nic works with you, your executive team and staff members to:

  • Embed values and communication thinking throughout your team and organisation
  • Create processes and templates that take the pain out of board, member and government reporting
  • Support executive teams to recognise communication opportunities that further your strategic vision & mission
  • Set up simple, effective and measurable in-house communication plans and processes

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